The MGA Restoration Project

Page One:    Contemporary Advertising

Page Two:    BEFORE

Page Three:    The First Steps

Page Four:    Engine Work

Page Five:    More Disassembly

Page Six:    Front Suspension Rebuild

Page Seven:    Stripping Paint

Page Eight:    New and Rebuilt Parts

Page Nine:    Engine Reassembly

Page Ten:    The Finished Engine!

Page Eleven:    Slow Progress

Page Twelve:    Back to Work

Page Thirteen:    Archaeology

Page Fourteen:    Rocker Panels Pt. 1

Page Fifteen:    Rocker Panels Pt. 2

Page Sixteen:    Body Panel Repair

Page Seventeen:    Off to the Mud Room

Page Eighteen:    In Search of Ice Blue

Page Nineteen:    Detour to Sand Blasting

Page Twenty:    Star of the Tech Session

Page Twenty One:    Floorboards

Page Twenty Two:    Painting Begins

Page Twenty Three:    More Interior Painting

Page Twenty Four:    Mud Work

Page Twenty Five:    NAMGAR GT-28 in 3D!

Page Twenty Six:    Another Slow Summer

Page Twenty Seven:    The Art of Block Sanding

Page Twenty Eight:    Aluminium Panels

Page Twenty Nine:    Doors and Fenders

Page Thirty:    Ready to Paint!

Page Thirty One:    Color at Last!

Page Thirty Two:    Reassembly Begins

Page Thirty Three:    Reassembly Continues

Page Thirty Four:    Fast Progress with Reassembly

Page Thirty Five:    Coming to Life

Page Thirty Six:    Upholstery and Carpet

Page Thirty Seven:    Fitting the Top

Page Thirty Eight:    Finishing Touches

Page Thirty Nine:    AFTER

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