The MGA Restoration Project

Page Thirty Six:    Upholstery and Carpet

Carpet installation begins. First comes the carpeting for the frame rails and driveline tunnel.

Finally the floorboards are covered. The driver's seat and arm rest are also visible in this shot, but they are not yet fastened down.

View from the passenger's footwell clearly shows the finished edges of the driveline tunnel carpet, as well as the carpet flap covering the transmission dip stick access opening. Also visible is the routing of the defroster vent hoses, and the crossover bar that extends the accelerator pedal from the original British right-hand-drive position over the tunnel to the American and European left-hand-drive position.

The new door storage pocket liner is installed. Also visible above it is the door latch cable release.

Over the pocket goes the door panel. The rubber bungee cord hooked to the door is to prevent the doors from opening as the car is pushed around. The door latches themselves are yet to be installed.


EX-179 was the legendary MG that broke dozens of land speed records in the 1950s, many of which still stand today. It was built on a modified copy of the MGA prototype (EX-175) chassis. Notable in this picture are (beginning second from left) Terry Mitchell, chassis and suspension engineer; Syd Enever, MG's Chief Designer and father of the MGA; and Alec Hounslow, head of the Competition Department.

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