The MGA Restoration Project

Page Sixteen:    Body Panel Repair

Here are three instances of panel repair with via welding. On the left, moisture-induced rust perforated the body panel at the seam with the right front fender. On the right, the holes for the dealer-installed fender-mounted rear view mirrors are filled in. Below, decades of moisture trapped by the edge of the spare tire also caused rust to eat through the floor of the trunk.

The left-front fender suffered from an "oilcan" dent which bows in and out like the eponymous lubricating device. In this type of dent, the metal is actually stretched, so the only way to repair it is to cut out a lens-shaped plug and weld the edges together.

The rear-fender "dogleg", rocker panel and lower section of the front fender on the passenger side have all been fitted, and the clearances around the door are within factory spec. However...

On the driver's side, the lower section for the front fender is hardly lining up at all. Just another indication of the poor manufacturing tolerances of some reproduction body panels. More custom-reshaping of this part will be required.


Two MGAs and a Magnette are sent out to the "test track" after leaving the assembly line. This test course was actually a route around the streets and roads of Abingdon. Visitors to the MG Car Club headquarters in Abingdon can get maps of this course and recreate the text drive experience for themselves.

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