The MGA Restoration Project

Page Twenty One:    Floorboards

With the old floorboards removed, the interior presents a clear view of the hoist underneath. Certainly this is a scene Fred Flintstone might have observed on his local garage's lube rack.

The left front floorboard. Although the originals were made of ash planking, the reproductions' marine plywood will be more durable. These are made by a craftsman in Arizona.

This is how the floorboard shown above fits into the car. The original toeboards are still in decent shape, and will be retained.

All the floorboards are installed and drilled for the seat frames. What a shame to cover the richly grained finish with carpet!


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The car on the left is a late-1950s styling execrise for a successor to the MGA coupe. Although it never made it past the model stage, the influence of this design on the early-1960s MGB-GT (right) is obvious.

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