The MGA Restoration Project

Page Twenty Two:    Painting Begins

The body tub is moved into the paint booth so the interior panels can be painted.

Glacier Blue at last! The trunk, engine compartment, wheel wells and interior are once again painted in the original color. The wheel and tire seen here are one of the old MGB sets that the car had when I bought it. They, and the rear axle, are on the car to facilitate rolling it around. No loss if they get paint on them. It may even make them look better.

Does this color scream "1958" or what? This interior view shows the battery box behind the seats. The trunk is visible through the cutout for the spare tire. Eventually this hole will be covered with a carpeted bag-like panel that allows part of the spare to rest on top of the battery box, freeing a few precious inches of trunk space.

The recently painted dashboard rests where the driver's seat will eventually sit.


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Early in the design of the MGA, MG toyed with the idea of building two roadsters on the same basic frame and body tub. The "traditional" car on the left would appeal to "purists" and was obviously an evolution of the MG TF then in production. On the right is the "modern" verson of the same car, intended to compete with Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Austin Healy and other makers of more streamlined sports cars.

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