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Page Twenty:    Star of the Tech Session

On April 5th, Matt led one of the regular tech sessions for the MG Car Club Northwest Centre on the topic of carburetors. The MGA, with its recently Hammerite'ed chassis and body components, formed an intriguing backdrop for the event.

Helping to illustrate the carburetor talk were the original SU H4s from the car (top), as well as the aftermarket Weber conversion kit (left) put on the engine by a previous owner. SUs are so simple and reliable it's hard to understand the attraction some people have to the Webers, except perhaps that they "look like an American carburetor." Needless to say, the Weber isn't going back on the engine.

After the session, enthusiastic MGCC members crowded around the MGA, admiring the progress as Matt explained some of the work he'd done.


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Although MG is known in the US primarily as a manufacturer of roadsters, in the 1930s it produced several large luxury cars, including the type SA Saloon (left) and the Tickford-bodied WA (right).

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