The MGA Restoration Project

Page Twenty Eight:    Aluminium Panels

Now that the work on the body tub is complete, the aluminum panels can be fitted. The hood is pretty close, but will neet a little fitting.

The trunk lid will also need some shaping. The constellation of holes in the middle will hold the chrome MG logo.

Although the driver's door skin was so badly crumpled that it was deemed impractical to save, the passenger's door is in much better condition and here we see it ready to get pounded back into shape for re-attachment to the body tub.

With the dashboard in place, and the aluminum panels all in position, the body tub is beginning to look like a real car again!


Speaking of dashboards, this is how they were fitted at the factory. This car has the vinyl covering on it, indicating that it's a 1600 MkII from near the end of the MGA's production run.

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