The MGA Restoration Project

Page Twenty Six:    Another Slow Summer

As happened last year, a summer of spectacular driving weather causes a flood of business at Brooklands and restoration work slows down. But some progress is made. Here, evidence of the accident that resulted in this car wearing a Mark II grille is uncovered. Strangely, this dent was drilled but never pulled out. With the old body filler gone, quality coachwork can be applied.

Slight imperfections invisible to the unskilled eye are marked for repair.

Of course, the MG will need a home.

One whole wall of the garage building, in the corner housing the pump room, was suffering from rot in all the studs. The cause seemed to be a combination of a water-collecting indentation in the foundation under the sill, and a slow leak inside the wall where the hose bib protrudes.

Master Builder Jeff Smith was called in. He spent a great deal of time running over the repair and remodel possibilities in his mind.

After a great deal of effort, visible progress has been made.

But eventually beer must make way for construction. Here Jess prepares a sister beam to match the slight dip in the beams over the carport entrances. He also encloses the fully exposed carport on the end of the building to make a storage area.

End storage room completely walled in, waiting for windows and carriage house doors. More photos of the garage will appear in later pages, if I ever get around to painting it before winter!

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