The MGA Restoration Project

Page Seventeen:    Off to the Mud Room

The final piece of major bodywork is done. The lower section of the left front fender has been fitted.

March 5, 2003

The garage door of the body repair room is opened and the MG is readied to be rolled across the parking lot into the "Mud Room" where body panel filling will take place.

With all of the interior and mechanicals removed, the MGA is light enough to wheel around on a shop jack. Two of the old MGB wheels are put on the rear axle to provide three points of contact. The MGA will be wheeled through the door where the red late-model MGB is parked in this picture, and across Brooklands' "lobby" to its next destination.

In the prestigious Mud Room - the penultimate stop before painting. An MGB GT will keep the MGA company in this venue.


Mickey Dolenz tries to kill the other members of The Monkees by driving around with them perched precariously on various body panels of this Dove Grey MGA. The all-important surf board gets to ride in the comfort and safety of the passenger seat.

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