The MGA Restoration Project

Page Twenty Seven:    The Art of Block Sanding

If you compare this image with the one on the previous page you can see that the nose of the car is finally put back in decent shape.

The laborious process of block sanding the body begins.

These two pictures illustrate the process. A light mist of black paint is sprayed over the brown primer. As the body is sanded, areas that are too high (such as the area around the windshield bracket mounting holes on the left side of the cowl in the top picture) are reduced to bare metal. Areas that are too low (the upper left corner of the top picture, and the area below the fender vent opening in the bottom picture) retain their spattering of black paint. After the process is repeated several times, the entire body will be an even primer color, with no spots too high or too low.


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The MGA's front suspension and steering gear were originally designed in the 1930s for use in the large saloon cars, and carried on virtually unchanged through the end of the production run of the MGB in 1980.

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