The MGA Restoration Project

Page Thirty Three:    Reassembly Continues

A look under the dashboard shows the pedals and headlight dip switch in place.

The wheels are on! Also clearly visible in this picture is the gray piping between the fenders and body tub, and the seal around the trunk (boot) opening.

All the switches are installed in the dash, as is the radio. This is a 1960s vintage BMC radio, which was originally in my MGB. Although this radio was not available when the MGA was sold, it provides a personal link with my first MG. And, since the radio was a dealer-installed option, it's not implausible that a car could have obtained a newer radio along the way... yeah, that's it.

A look in the engine compartment shows that the heater is now installed (top) as are the carburetors, starter switch, generator and ignition coil.

Meanwhile, this painstakingly constructed mockup of the interior shows the recently-arrived seat covers and arm rest. The gray piping on the seats appears a little darker than the original factory color. We'll see if it's a conspicuous difference if we can get this car parked next to another with its original upholstery.


Oh, I say Reginald, your new MGA is so fetching! I fancy it's simply spot-on for motoring! Yes quite, quite. Well, shall we go for a bit of a driveabout, then?

Early advertising picture for the introduction of the MGA in 1955.

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