The MGA Restoration Project

Page Three:    The First Steps

This certificate from The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust in Warwickshire, England documents the information contained in the original MG factory records for this car. I was amazed to discover it was built on my birthday. Is this karma, or carma, or what?

January 26, 2002

Disassembly is under way. The engine and gearbox have been removed. The front suspension has been disassembled and all are awaiting rebuild. A glimpse of the original color, Glacier Blue, can be seen in spots under the beige paint on the underside of the bonnet [hood].

A look under the front of the car discloses the removed suspension components and engine.


Syd Enever, head of MG's engineering department and the designer of the MGA, stands with the 100,000th MGA outside the factory at Abingdon-upon-Thames.

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