The MGA Restoration Project

Page Twenty Nine:    Doors and Fenders

With the doors, hood, trunk lid, and now the fenders attached, it's really starting to look like a car again. Although the fenders will not be fully attached until after the car is painted, they need to be loosely hung on the car during the body work phase to make sure everything lines up correctly.

The same process we observed for the body tub now takes place on the doors and fenders. Low spots are filled in, the panel is sanded down, and the process is repeated until there are no low or high spots.

Pencil marks on the door and "dogleg" of the rear fender show areas that will need to be addressed.

Although the driver's side door had to be replaced (remember what it looked like?) the passenger's door is original, and is being finished off here.


This MGA 1600 undergoes a top to bottom final inspection before leaving the factory in Abingdon.

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