The MG Adventure

Page One:    Showing Off the Newly Restored MGA

This is what I'd call the "Official Portrait" of the MG and me. I took it in the hope it might grace the pages of MGA! magazine. It finally appeared, along with my article on the restoration, in the January/February 2006 issue. The BBC used the picture to lead off a web feature about why people love their MG and Rover cars. The venue for the photo is Kitsap County's Carney Lake, and my friend Darren Stokke helped me take the picture.

Here's a shot at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Viewpoint near Point Fosdick. When I took this picture in 2004, construction had recently begun on the towers of the second bridge. Now, in August of 2005, the towers are done and cable spinning will soon begin. More info on the bridge project is at this link.

If you remember from a previous page, my garage was in almost as rough shape as the car. Thanks to my friend Jeff, the building got whipped into great shape. Of course, I still had a lot of junk^H^H^H^Hheirlooms to clean out, as the picture to the right shows. But as you can see above it's now mostly cleaned out, and the dramatic lighting really shows off the car.

The MGA's first Christmas as a restored car! I took advantage of a break in the winter weather to park it in front of the house for this festive yuletide photo, full of seasonal cheer. "Merry Christmas, MG! Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan! Zuzu's Paddy Hopkirk pedals - there they are!!"


Here's what my house looked like at about the time Syd Enever was designing the MGA.

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