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In the mid 2010s AT&T launched a security campaign hosted by Murray, the orange security blob, and his friends.

Murray was a little schizophrenic. One week, he was a security expert giving you sound advice. The next week, he was a hapless victim of online scams. Trust his wisdom or learn from his mistakes? Hmm...

What might have been a clever security awareness project for a couple months ran on and on for years, spawning prizes, comic books, and even clothing. But the one thing it really spawned a lot of was animated gifs!

Here is a far from exhaustive collection of Murray gifs from my last several years at AT&T -


I never understood AI-MEE. She was a robot who also gave you network security tips. Years before AI was a hot topic, was her name pronounced "Amy" or "A-I Me"? Was "AI" a reference to Artificial Inntellegence or something more clever by half?