The AMI Model A

The almost-restored AMI Model A with an almost-restored AMI Model G-120. You can see through the window that this machine is still missing, from the inside of the cabinet, the gold curtains and the mirror that reflects a view of the record changer. This picture was taken in my workshop. I exposed the pictures here to best show the lights on the A. I'll have some "room light " pictures here soon.

This series of shots shows the effect of the "Rainbo" color cylinders rotating in the base. The red and yellow lights in the top half of the cabinet are colored fluorescent lights. The green light is a white fluorescent light with a green sleeve over it. Colored fluorescent lights and colored sleeves are available at many commercial lighting centers.

Here is a picture of the elusive AMI A "Record Playing" mechanism. The chain drives the large wheel via the driveshaft which connects to the output shaft of the gearbox of the record rack motor. I have only the large wheel in my machine. Many are missing the entire mechanism.

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